What Is RQ Meaning In Text And Its Usage On Social Media?

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Have you thought RQ meaning in text when you receive RQ in a conversation? You might have read RQ somewhere on WhatsApp chat, Instagram, or Snapchat and wondered what the person meant to say. Let us discuss this acronym and why is it used.

What Is RQ Meaning In Text

The RQ meaning in text or Chat is “Real Quick”. Yes, it simply means Real Quick, and it is used by many people on various chatting platforms. These two letters are used when someone wants you to do something quick.

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RQ Usage In Text

The usage of RQ can be done whenever you want someone to do something really very quickly. It can be used on an employee to ask him to do some task quickly. Another example is that your friend can message you “Can you bring the cake for me RQ”

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RQ Meaning On Instagram and Snapchat

The meaning of RQ on Instagram or Snapchat is Real Quick and if someone has mentioned a task and wrote RQ it means they need you to do it really quickly.

RQ Meaning On TikTok

On TikTok, many users have been making videos using the acronym in their videos and gigs. There are many videos of TikTokers who use many different Acronyms in their conversations.

What Does RQ Stand For In Text

RQ in the text stands for Real Quick or Real Quickly. It is used when someone wants you to do something fast and without wasting any time plus he does not want to waste any time writing so they use the acronym of Real Quick.

All RQ Full Forms

There are many different meanings of RQ so let us see what all are the different full forms.

  • ReQuest
  • Requisition
  • Research Question
  • Reportable Quantity
  • Risk Quotient
  • RageQuit
  • Ruta Quetzal
  • Respiratory Quotient
  • Regimental Quartermaster
  • Resort Quinche
  • Right Quick
  • ReQualification
  • Rune Quest
  • Random Questions
  • Reference Quarterly
  • Relative Quantity
  • Renaissance Quarterly
  • Rice Queen
  • Reportable Quantities
  • Re[eat ReQuest
  • Relevant Questions
  • Robert Quine
  • Residential Quarters
  • ReQuest Count


As there are many different meanings of RQ in different contexts but the meaning of 

RQ in the text is simple. It’s “Real Quick”. So next time you do not have time to type something and need something to be done quickly then simply type your message followed by “RQ”


What Does RQ Mean?

RQ means Real Quick in the text you can also say it Real Quickly.

What Does RQ Mean In Gaming?

In gaming, RQ has two meanings that are

  • Rage Quit
  • Real Quick

What Does RQ Stand For In The Military?

In the military RQ stands for Reconnaissance.

Does RQ Stand For Puerto Rico?

RQ for Puerto Rico means FIPS 10-4 (Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 10-4) country code RQ.

What Does RQ Mean In Hazmat?

RQ meaning in Hazmat means Reportable Quantity.

What Does RQ Mean In Shipping?

In shipping, The full form of RQ is Reportable Quantity.

What Is RQ Meaning In Research

RQ in search is a short form of a Good Research Question.