Is Cheap Car Shipping Possible

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Is Cheap Car Shipping Possible



With many auto transport companies, customers can get a break on prices if they try to negotiate a deal. These aren’t automatically applied, and deals aren’t always offered unless there’s a discount on an off-peak period or a promotion is being offered.


Most carriers will provide military personnel with discounts, and usually, if you ship more than one car, you get a break for transporting multiple vehicles. You’ll also find it beneficial to compare car shipping services to find competitive rates, ultimately selecting the one that offers you the best value for the services you need.


While everyone wants to find cheap car shipping or excellent prices, as the customer, you must prioritize quality with that price point. It’s important to understand how car shipping practices work, in the same way as any industry, by doing your research, and then you can navigate through the processes.


That means more than getting multiple quotes but understanding that there’s a difference between carriers and brokers and how that system works; with a broker, you can potentially be set up with a carrier who offers lower prices.  


How Can You Get Cheaper Prices with Car Shipping


Many car shipping companies offer discounts during the off-peak times of the year; some might offer promotions to entice new customers to do business with their company. Still, if a client wants lower prices, the carrier is not likely to provide a discount off the cuff or lower their rates automatically.


You, as the customer, will need to ask, and often, these are related to military personnel or if you have more than one vehicle that you need to transport. You can also get lower rates by comparing prices among varied car shipping services to find the one with the most competitive rates.


This will allow you to choose the one that offers the greatest value for the quality you’re looking for.  


You want to avoid choosing a carrier strictly based on cheap rates and instead consider the company practices, the driver quality, and the overall reputation and experience of the carrier.  


Find out tips for transporting your car at, and then follow here for a few things to consider when trying to find the lowest prices for car shipping services.


  • The broker


Usually, when deciding to transport an auto, two companies will be part of the process. You will work with brokers and carriers. The carrier is a car shipping company that will actually be physically handling the transport of the auto using one of a small fleet of trailer trucks.


The broker is a company that will help you find the most suitable carrier. A reputable broker networking with a vast array of carriers. Because of their connections, brokers can find customers the best deals to suit their budgets.


  • Multiple Quotes


It’s recommended to get quotes from as many as five auto transport companies before committing to one. Quotes can be quick and anonymous if you want to keep them private until you decide on a company. Many carriers have websites with forms that require only vehicle details.  


These take only a few minutes to complete with an instant quote. You can then call the company to speak with an associate for further details when you find a quote within your budget range.  


Speak with a few companies to learn their protocol with shipping, find out about insurance coverage, and details on their drivers, do further research for reviews and testimonials, and check the Better Business Bureau for company ratings. This way, you’ll not only get the best price but the highest quality for the value.


  • Price Match


If you get a good quote from one company but find better quality with another service, ask the auto transport company with the better services if they offer price matching. Many businesses pride themselves on providing better prices for their services.


If a car shipping service believes they have the best services for better prices but finds someone else is offering lower quotes, they could very well match the price. It’s worth asking the question.  


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Final Thought


When contacting the companies after you get the website quote, don’t forget to ask the customer support associate if discounts are available. Various auto transport companies have deals for different reasons. Military discounts and multiple car discounts are two, but it’s not an exhaustive list.


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It’s a question you must ask if you want to take advantage of the lower prices. A car shipping service won’t just presume that you’re a senior citizen and apply that discount for you, nor will they guess that you’re a snowbird moving to the South for the winter.


Remember, look for the lowest prices from among roughly five carriers, but make quality and reputation a priority over being cheap.