Headway App Reviews: What Are The Pros And Cons?

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Do you love hearing book summaries and are looking for headway app reviews? If you are a fan of reading books then you must be aware of this app and if you do not know about Headway then do not worry, I will tell you about it.

What Is The Headway App?

What Is The Headway App

The Headaway app is a platform where you can hear thousands of book summaries in one place. The app has many books of many different genres that is it has 1500+ books in it. The main insight of the app is that it has a summary of the books for you in less than 15 minutes. 

Here in this article on Headway App reviews you will get all the information about the app.

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What Are Headway App Reviews?

Headway App is a legit app and has more than 10 million downloads and 4.5 stars with merely 1 million reviews. The users are well-satisfied and do not have any issues regarding the summaries. The summaries are less than 15 mins so you can easily hear as many books as you like. The app is very user-friendly and simple to use. It also has some additional features.

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Headway App Pros And Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the app Headway App that you should know.


  • The quality of the book summary is very good with all the important insights from the book.
  • The pricing is very good and affordable compared to many other such apps.
  • You can personalize your experience.


  • The collection of books is lesser than compared to other such apps.
  • The monthly plan can be expensive as some of the other apps have cheaper monthly plans.
  • The app is only for your phone and does not have any website.


Headway app is a good app if you want to listen to book summaries on the go. You can get the summaries in both forms from the app which is in audio as well as text. It is a good app and you must try it at least once.


Is The Headway App Any Good?

Yes, headway is a good app and has book summaries of less than 15 minutes for you. 

How Much Does The Headway App Cost?

The headway app prices are between $0.99 to $399.99 and their one-year subscription costs nearly $90.

Is Headway Better Than Blinkist?

Both apps are good in their place Blinkist has more books that are from genres like fiction and Headway has books that focus more on self-development and learning.

What Exactly Is The Headway App?

The Headaway app is a platform where you can hear thousands of book summaries in one place. 




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