Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Crochet Business

Scott Absalom

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Instagram is a highly regarded platform for advertising handmade businesses. The ability to interact with a lot of people using images, videos, and captions is effective for those working in any creativity-driven field. So, if you’re not a user of this social networking platform, you’re not only missing out on your audience but also on potential customers.

If you’re a crochet business owner looking for ways to level up your Instagram presence, gain more fans, and make actual profits, this post is for you! Below, you will see why, when it comes to this platform, just posting picture after picture is just the tip of the iceberg, along with some useful techniques you should be employing instead.

How Crochet Business Owners Can Use Instagram

Once you’ve got your Instagram account set up, the next thing you need to figure out is how to attract more followers. A larger following means more people are discovering your business and probably buying your products. Still, there are other things you can do to bring your crochet business to a new level!

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1. Know Your Niche

Posting what your audience and potential audience are interested in is the key to Instagram presence. It may not be the kind of content that you’re most excited about, but it is an essential consideration if you want your craft to regularly show up on people’s explore pages. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to make engagements, even with your following.

For example, if you get a high engagement rate from your pastel-colored crochet artwork, then posting an experimental project with vibrant and brave colors will not bring you the same result. Remind yourself to stick with a niche and not jump directly into a trend, even if you see other artists go viral for it.

Honestly speaking, knowing what kind of content your followers connect with most can be a bit challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. It will require you to do a certain amount of experimentation.  One basic way to do it is to keep track of the results of your posts and see which works best.

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2. Strategically Use Hashtags

When you’re publishing a picture or video on Instagram, you’ll want to include the right hashtags in the caption section. This is important because it is one of the ways you can be discovered by other users who are interested in your craft or niche. The thing is, figuring out what hashtags you need to use can be a bit of homework.

But, don’t worry, though, because you can always see what hashtags other crochet business owners use in their posts and see if you can apply them to yours. Keep in mind that it is fine to use a group of hashtags for each post. For example, if you are trying to promote your new crochet bag series, you can use #knittingbag, #summerbag, and #reusablebag.

If you feel clueless about how to find the most appropriate hashtags for your crochet products, then you should try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Convince yourself that you are a crochet lover and ask what words you would put behind the “#” sign on the search bar then try to see if those words are relatable to your post.

3. Don’t Forget Stories

One of the most common mistakes handmade business owners make on Instagram is that they spend too much of their time thinking about what kind of post they should make. What they don’t realize is that these posts often go unnoticed, especially if the algorithm can’t find the right audience for them.

Instagram stories may only last 24 hours, but they can actually boost your engagement rate if you put some effort into making them engaging and intriguing. In fact, thanks to the available features, such as the Q&A, stickers, and countdown, you can use them as more than just a marketing tool.

Many enterprises, including the big ones, have used Instagram stories to display the human side of things. Thus, as a crochet business owner, you can also use stories to tell the journey behind your products, thank those who have supported you until you got to this point, and showcase other less formal things of your trade.

The Takeaway

Instagram is a visually-driven platform, which is great for crochet business owners since a lot of things you make are visual. If you know how to use this platform correctly, it can help you convert some of your followers into loyal buyers of your business and give you the opportunity to get your products in front of a new audience.

And, while you are trying to get the hang of this social media platform, you will also need to familiarize yourself with other tools that can help you make interesting content, and Postermywall.com is one of the tools to do so. It offers a massive library of visual elements, including small business ad templates and Instagram post ideas.