Buying a Large Rug? How You Should Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Home?

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A large rug may completely change the appearance and atmosphere of a room in your home. The right-sized rug not only improves the aesthetics but also provides practicality and comfort. Selecting the right size is essential for creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing setting, whether you’re thinking of cream rugs or extra-large rugs. This is why choosing rugs from places like Miss Amara can be highly beneficial. In this blog, we’ll walk you through choosing the ideal rug size for your space, ensuring it matches your décor and meets your functional requirements.

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1. Evaluating Your Space

1.1 Calculate the Area

Measuring the area where the rug will be installed is the first step in choosing the right size. Measure the area’s length and width using a tape measure to determine its dimensions. Remember that cream rugs work best in rooms with lots of floor space, but they may be creatively employed in smaller spaces to provide the illusion of space.

1.2 The Rug’s Objective

Think about the rug’s function in the space. Do you want to add chairs to the living room, make the bedroom more comfortable, or design a welcoming entrance? The size you select for the rug will depend on its intended use. For instance, the rug should be large enough to fit the main furniture in the living room, while in the bedroom, it should extend over the sides of the bed to provide a smooth landing area.

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2. Selecting the Appropriate Rug Size for Various Rooms

2.1 Living Room

Aim for a rug size that will fit under all the significant pieces of furniture in the seating area when choosing one for the living room. A popular choice is to place the front legs of the sofa and chairs on the rug to define the space and give it coherence. Alternatively, you might get a giant rug that all furniture legs could safely rest on. Ensure the rug is at least 6 inches from the walls for a balanced appearance.

2.2 Dining Room

Select a rug for the dining room so that it extends past the table and chairs when they are extended. As a result, even when individuals are seated in the chairs, they stay on the rug. Generally, provide about 24 inches of rug space on all sides beyond the table’s edges. This makes moving around simple and stops chairs from sliding off the rug.

2.3 Bedroom

Consider placing a sizable rug beneath the bed in the bedroom that extends past the sides and foot of the bed. Your feet will have a soft place to land as you wake up. Another choice is to cover the entire bedroom floor with a rug to create an opulent and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Experimenting with Rug Shapes

3.1 Rectangular Rugs

The most popular carpet shape for various rooms in the house is rectangular. They offer a conventional and adaptable design with various furniture setups and aesthetics of interior design. Extra-large or cream rugs work well in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

3.2 Round Rugs

Round carpets can provide a space with compassion and aesthetic curiosity. They function exceptionally well in spaces with circular furnishings, like a dining table or a cozy reading nook. Large cream circular rugs can also be the room’s focal point, drawing attention to their striking shape.

3.3 Square Rugs

For rooms with square or symmetrical furniture arrangements, square carpets can be the perfect replacement. They produce a balanced, unified design, particularly in rectangular dining rooms or compact living areas. Consider using a large square rug to create distinct zones in open-concept spaces.

3.4 Adding Rugs in Layers for Dimension

Consider layering rugs in your home for more texture and volume. A layered rug look that is both visually appealing and cozy can be achieved. As an illustration, you could use a cream area rug as the foundation and add a patterned or textured rug. This method lets you mix and match rugs to suit your style and works great in living rooms and bedrooms.

3.5 Budget Considerations

Extra large rugs can improve the appearance of your home, but they can also be costly. Before purchasing, establish your budget and look at various options within that range. You might discover that specific rug materials or sizes are more cost-effective, enabling you to strike the right balance between price and quality.

3.6 Upkeep and Attention

Remember that oversized rugs could need more maintenance and care than smaller ones. Your giant cream or extra-large rug will remain in excellent condition for years with regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and professional cleaning.


Selecting the right size rug for your room is crucial to design a balanced and appealing atmosphere. Consider the space size, the use of the rug, and your budget before choosing cream rugs or extra-large rugs. Choose a rug size that complements your furniture arrangement and improves the room’s overall beauty. With the right size rug, your house will be converted into a cozy haven that showcases your style and way of life.